What is The Pikey Project?

It's the creative collective of Mike Wilkie (Mikey) and Nicola Cornwell and anyone else they collaborate with as they travel. After two years living on a sailing boat, some time in New York City then a couple more years driving around America in 'Vera' the van, they are now spending their time flitting between New York, St Vincent & the Grenadines in the Caribbean and a ranch in Colorado. But mostly in the Caribbean, in Bequia.

Uncomfortable with classifications defining specific areas of creativity and the assumptions associated with labels such as artist, musician, composer, designer, photographer, producer, writer etc. and mindful of how technological advances are blurring these boundaries anyway, we are simply interested in exploring our imagination and finding ways to output it. 

The Pikey Project creates.  That’s it. Whatever it is. 

So why call it The Pikey Project?

The dictionary definition of ‘A Pikey’ is:

A pejorative slang term to refer to travelers or gypsies; a catch all phrase to refer to people of any ethnic group who travel around with no fixed abode. 

 Seemed appropriate.

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