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MUSIC: Recording, Mixing, Production & Mastering

TWO DOGS - Minocqua - single

Music inspired during a stay in Minocqua, Wisconsin, USA. 
The cover artwork was created by Nicola Cornwell and inspired by COPPER THUNDERBIRD....you'll have to Google him.



Oxymoron: Meaning...a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction.

Seems appropriate.

TWO DOGS - White Christmas - single.  A unique collaboration between New York guitarist/composer Sean Harkness and UK/Caribbean keyboards/composer/producer/engineer Mike (Mikey) Wilkie.   The biggest selling song of all time, originaly written by Irving Berlin has been reversioned by Two Dogs to be the grooviest ever.   Add it to your Christmas playlist.

AMANDA GOODING 'Forever' - single. Released 14th February 2014.  Amanda wrote this in the summer of 2013. When Mikey had a month's stint in Bequia, he recorded her voice and acoustic guitar. Then while on the road in an RV traveling around the States he added more guitar, bass and percussion. The track was finally mixed and mastered in New York.

AMANDA GOODING 'Jamming' - single. The Pikey Project and Amanda deliver a new jazzy take on an old Marley classic.

AMANDA GOODING 'Life's Too Short' - album. We first met Amanda Gooding In 2010 when we sailed to Bequia, the tiny Caribbean island she calls home. We recorded her singing and created some demo tracks for her.  In 2011 she came to New York to record and in January 2012 this, her debut album was released. A collection of 14 original songs.  Check out the video for one of them at the bottom of this page...

DESIGN: Desperate Sailors

It was also on our Caribbean sailing trip that we first encountered John Perry and his catamaran 'Stingo', a fellow live-aboard sailor with many nautical miles under his belt. A couple of years later John had the idea of setting up a website devoted to the needs of the cruising sailor. He was proficient in website building and programming but needed someone to design a logo and be an ideas sounding board as he developed the content and features for the site. Nicola designed the logo and continues on an ad hoc basis via Skype to contribute to its development.

Desperate Sailors logo




In May 2012, what started off as somewhere for Nicola to stay while Mikey was back in the UK ended up with guest turning into employee - as staff photographer at Black Mountain Ranch.

Open to guests (dudes) for four months every summer this beautiful working ranch is high in the rocky mountains of Colorado.  30 miles from a cell phone signal.

Nicola continued the collaboration by writing blogs and supplying photos for the ranch web site plus other marketing tools. “The Cowgirl’s Guide to Getting Great Photos” book was published in May 2013. She has returned as staff photographer for the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

Check out the ranch website & FB page featuring many of Nicola's photos:



'Slow Down Baby' Video by Tom Weston