Born in Aden (Yemen) with British forces heredity on both sides of my family, I grew up never living in one place for more than two years. That wonderlust has never subsided. 

I probably peaked early when I showed promise as an art student with a painting selected for a British National Exhibition of Childern’s Art that toured for two years around major European galleries, when at age 12 my family moved to Australia.   

Whilst completing a degree at The University of Sydney, I started working in the Sports Production Department at The Nine Network in Australia. My first tasks were logging tapes and buying the boss’s scotch. This led to work as a producer and director for broadcasters and production companies based in the UK and the USA, but with regular travel to major sporting events worldwide. Subsequent moves into management followed with titles which variously included Executive Producer, Head of New Business Development, Head of Production, Director of Content. Life was great until Feb 2007 when my husband Bill committed suicide.  Suddenly things that seemed important no longer were. It was the catalyst for major change.

Since getting together with Mikey, life is now very good again as I vigorously pursue my individual passions of photography, writing, design and DJ'ing.

Random facts: I have a helicopter pilot’s license, was Miss Albury 1987, and am contemplating riding across the USA on a horse.

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