MIKEY: For as long as I can remember I’ve always composed my own music. Melodies that play in my head can only be captured by playing them immediately on the piano. Fortunately for me the democratisation and ever increasing accessibility of audio technology now means I can fill them out and preserve them myself. But I don’t live in a bubble and so everything that happens in the space between my ears is influenced by things I see and hear wherever I am in the world. In the beginning of The Pikey Project concept it was the laid back vibe of the Caribbean. Then it was about feeding off the restless energy of New York city and the crazy diversity of the rest of the USA.  Now we're back in the Caribbean, in beautiful Bequia reacquainting ourselves with the abundance of talent that exists in St Vincent & the Grenadines. Look out for news on the music studio we're building here!

You can listen to all tracks on the albums below . Then should you wish, you can download in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, AAC etc.)

Apart from 'Music for a Film' and 'Shimmering' all Cover Photos and Album Designs by Nicola Cornwell.  All Music Written, Performed & Produced by Michael Scott Wilkie. Released on the Citizen Smith label.

THREESOME - Album 12 Tracks

A jazz piano trio, the latest album by The Pikey Project took over 2 years to write, record and mix whilst traveling in Bequia and Grenada (Caribbean) and Colorado and New York (USA). Released 15th February 2014


A piano composition in three parts, this track is a contemplative journey through filmic moods.  Released 2nd August 2016



I didn't know what to call this track and was sitting on a balcony in Bequia watching the sunset. I took this cover photo as the sea was shimmering in the late afternoon light, hence the title. Inspired by the band Snarky Puppy I have been getting more into the use of brass sections. Released 13th July 2016


Most albums have a clear genre, but this one recklessly doesn’t and includes some new interpretations of old classics. It’s an eclectic mix of a variety of sounds that interest me as a producer and composer. Released 9th January 2012


Another trio composition with piano, bass and drums. A bittersweet piece, inspired by the juxtaposition of the sadness of a life lost with the joy of one fully lived. Released 11th October 2011


Sometimes a track doesn’t want to be confined to 3-ish minutes. Composed aboard yacht ‘Pandora’ it meanders and drifts floating effortlessly just like a quiet revere of deep thought. Released 18th October 2010

SUBJECT TO CONTRACT - Album 10 tracks

Remixed and re-released 9th August 2014

The first album - the culmination of composing and gigging in the Caribbean and arriving in NYC. The tracks range from nu jazz, Latin beats to chilled lounge with a dash of world music thrown in. Originally released 11th October 2010