The creation of The Pikey Project has been the continuation of a lifelong obsession with art and music for me. Having been born in Trinidad to the sound of steel drums and spending formative years in Venezuela listening to quatros and maracas, I reckon my sense of rhythm, (for an Englishman that is), has always been heightened.

I started to play the piano at six years of age and worked at it until I went to music college in the UK.    I only lasted there one year.  They kicked me out for ‘having too much fun’. After a stint selling doughnuts on a beach in the south of France I started my working career as a sound engineer in England. This meant an exposure to a myriad of electronic toys.  The fascination remains, but now I try to keep things technologically simple in an effort to not obscure the music.

Following many years as a sound engineer I moved into TV Production and Direction, established my own successful TV production company and ran others in the heart of Soho, London. Then with a move to the Suffolk countryside I published a book on advertising, ‘The Gunn Report’ which has become the measure for international creativity in the advertising business.

I have continued to ‘have fun’ with music throughout my life, writing and producing music and playing in bands. I now relish the time exploring some of my past and listening to other musicians to gain further inspiration. For me music will always nourish my soul.

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